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Bottom line - we love pretzels!

We love our local Pennsylvania pretzels so much, that we want everyone to enjoy them! As a child, my parents would bring pretzels to our out-of-state relatives every time we visited them, because they could not find anything as good as PA pretzels. When I lived in another state for several years, even I found myself stocking up on pretzels every time I came home to PA. Our mission is to make this process easy and fun for you. Pretzels are rooted in the history of Pennsylvania, which has some of the oldest pretzel companies in the United States. With so much attention to detail and quality, the small pretzel makers of Pennsylvania make something that is truly special.

Most of the pretzel companies we work with are small, family-owned establishments, and all of them focus on one thing - quality! These pretzels make a great gift for someone special, a pretzel lover, or simply as a treat for yourself. Whether you try some of them, or try all of them, you'll be in for a memorable snack experience!


Pennsylvania Pretzel Co.


Our Pretzel Partners

We carry delicious products from the following pretzel and mustard companies: